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One by one, we are leading a movement to a future where all beauty is clean beauty. We are powered by people, and our collective mission is to get safer

products into the hands of everyone.


Formulate, advocate, & educate—that’s our motto for creating products that truly perform while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of safety.

Why? It’s really this simple: beauty should be good for you.

We take safety seriously. Over 1,800 ingredients are never used in our formulations—

we call this The Never List™—and we go above and beyond to test every

ingredient against our high standards in pursuit of clean beauty.


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We Believe That Beauty Is

A Lifestyle, A Community, A


A Lifestyle That Increases Good Health & Abundant Wealth -

A Community That Empowers, Encourages & Mentors -

A Purpose That Challenges The Status Quo & Has A Significant

Impact On The World.

That Is Why We Have Joined Beautycounter 

As One Of - The REDFOX Lifestyle - Brand Partners. They Believe, As We, In Being Courageous In The Journey Of Living Your Best Life.

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Your Lifestyle, Your Community, Your Purpose...You GOT This!



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With Over 25 Years Experience As A Certified Professional Fitness Trainer, 

Group Exercise Fitness Instructor, Weight-Management Consultant, Lifestyle Fitness & "Health" Coach, Certified Swim/Triathlete Coach; As Well As Dog Trainer/Coach...


We Teach Women (& Dogs!) How To Live A "Healthy" Lifestyle!  From Health 

Fitness > To Meal Planning > We Offer Several Brands That Provide

Women The Tools They Need On Their "Healthy" Journey.


Our Goal Is To Not Only INSPIRE Women To Live A "Healthy" Lifestyle & Become "Healthier"... But, Also To Make The Process Fun, Easy & Enjoyable! 

When Women Make "Health & Fitness" Their Number One Priority, The Rest Is Easy!

The REDFOX Fitness

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Are You A Leader, Entrepreneur & Fitness Enthusiast Who Is Extraordinary In Your 

Chosen Career & Passion?

Want To Develop, Build & Maximize Your Fitness Career By Joining A Company That Offers Unlimited Potential For Growth?

Desire The Opportunity To Acquire "Partnership" With 

REDFOX Dog Running Or REDFOX Boot Camp & Want To Manage Your Own Business?

Are You A Stay-At-Home Mom, Empty Nester, Retiree, Student/Grad & Want Flexible Hours, Part-Time, Work-From-Home & Unlimited Earnings?

Contact Us & Join Our Team In Living A "Healthy & Active Lifestyle" While
Working HARD, Having FUN...& Being A Part Of An AMAZING Team Of Women!



Be INSPIRED To "Toast Your Passion"!



The Boisset family has long recognized the strong resemblance between the terroir of Burgundy and that of Sonoma County and the incredible potential to grow

world-class, terroir-driven wines throughout the region.


For decades, we have been committed to achieving organic & 

Biodynamic® designations at all of our family vineyards.  Our team has worked

tirelessly to integrate these standards into each vineyard’s winemaking processes.


Boisset is committed to raising the bar and setting the highest

standards for responsible and sustainable winemaking.

We call this revolution in sustainability, Vinocology™.

- Boisset Collection


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We Believe That Wine Is A Lifestyle, A Passion, A Celebration...

A Lifestyle That Increases Good Health & Abundant Wealth -

A Passion That Enhances The Spirit & The Soul - A Celebration That Strengthens Relationships With Food, Friends & Family.

That Is Why We Have Joined Boisset Collection

As One Of - The REDFOX Lifestyle - Brand Partners. They Believe, As We, In Indulging With Friends & Family While Sharing The Complete Wine Experience.

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Mastery Of Luxury, Of Style, Of Prestige - For One Thing - WINE!